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Happy crafting. ~Teresa. I dry a lot of herbs for tea and think the baby jars would be useful in storing the different herbs.  Put lid on coffee can. then they roll the coffee cans. it will turn into butter or solid ice cream.

Baby food jars come in handy for many things especially if you have young children that go to daycare, do crafts with your children at home, or you are a girl scout leader, a boy scout den leader or anything along those lines. 1. Make Butter.

Thoroughly clean a small baby food jar, its lid and a marble with liquid dish-washing soap and hot running water.

11. Pass out the baby food jars with lids. 12. Fill each jar about a quarter full. 13. Explain to students that they are going  Ask if anyone knows why. 9. Tell students that now they are going to make butter in a similar way that the pioneers did.

Baby food jars, empty and clean peanut butter jars or plastic Ziploc containers with screw-on lids are all good choices.  How to Make Butter. There are very few steps to making homemade butter in a jar. Place the cream and the salt in the jar...

If you have lots of baby food jars and find yourself wondering what to do with them, check out these tips!  So one batch of salts can make quite a few jars. For Homemade body butter…. Mix 1 cup cheap non edible coconut oil.

Homemade butter -Did anyone else make homemade butter in baby food jars in elementary school? . Making Baby Food For Your Infant - It's Easy and Healthy Making baby food...

Recycle empty baby food jars by using them to churn small batches of butter. Heavy cream has enough butterfat to separate and form fresh creamy butter when agitated.  Related Articles & Videos. How to Make Butter in Baby Food Jars.

I have made butter, but only in a baby food jar. I had leftover heavy cream & wanted to show my kids (kind of) where butter came from.  We make butter every Thanksgiving and Christmas in quart size mason jars. Everyone moans about having to shake...

Are you interested in baby food jar crafts? There are many ideas for recycling those baby food jars.  He isn't eating food from baby jars anymore but I still have several in the kitchen as they are so handy.

1. Fill a jar halfway with heavy cream (baby food jars work great for small batches), and screw the lid on tight.  Frugal Foods & Recipes. Condiments and Spices. Homemade Butter in a Jar - How to Make Butter.

Making Butter What is Butter Anyway? When raw milk is left to stand, it separates into skim milk and cream.  What You’ll Need a jar (a jelly jar is a good size, or even a baby food jar for just a small amount), a marble and some heavy cream.

Making Butter added 4-30-98 Submitted by: Rachel. Need: Baby Food Jars, whipping cream, salt, crackers, and a knife (adult only). Directions: Fill the baby food jars half full with shipping cream, screw on the jar lids tightly.

You'll need: - a glass baby food jar or similar glass jar - VERY cold heavy whipping cream. Note: You can use larger jars, but making the butter takes lots longer.

I found this recipe for Cinnamon Honey Butter that my mother made and distributed to her friends in baby food jars. She got rave reviews. 2 sticks Butter and 2 sticks Margerine, both soft.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009. Baby Food Jar Projects: Homemade Butter. Making your own butter may seem like a crazy thing to do, but it's actually quite easy, very delicious, and a good way to use cream that might otherwise go bad.

I have made butter in baby food jars using whipping cream. We make butter each year, too. I don't really have a "recipe", though.  Feb 23, 2009 I remember making butter in a baby food jar with a marble when I was in Instead of using the 'drip...

METHOD 1. You need a jar with a lid (baby food jars) Pour cream into the jar. Shake the jar continuously to form butter. Remove the lump of butter from the jar and wrap it in a tea towel.

“I teach Texas History and we use baby food jars to make a single serving of home-made butter when we study the pioneer unit.  Editor’s Note: Making butter in a baby food jar couldn’t be simpler. Fill the jar halfway with heavy whipping cream and...

Omnomicon makes " how to make butter I remember making butter in a baby food jar with a marble when I was in .

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