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Posted on September 17th 2009 by Jillian Madison.  Reply. 13 Brilliant Store Name Puns | Manolith says: December 8, 2009 at 2:01 pm.

Families are like fudge. Mostly sweet with a few nuts. Rate this pun: (Lowest rating) 1 2 3 4 5 (Highest rating)  Funny Names.

there's definitely something about a good bad-pun! :-D here's a link to a thread that there was on the bbc food message boards about pun names: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/mbfood/F2670471?thread=5267269 some of them are a great laugh! x.

Food Puns. 1. Stealing someone's coffee is called 'mugging'. 2. The coffee tasted like mud because it was ground a couple of minutes ago.

Food + Puns = I'm not getting anything done today →

Many restaurant and shop names use puns: Cane & Able mobility healthcare, Tiecoon tie shop, Planet of the Grapes wine and spirits,[16] as do books, such as Pies and Prejudice, comics (YU+ME: dream) and films (Good Will Hunting).

Displaying posts 1 - 30 out of 42.  Also, I think Monica has a leg up because her last name is already a candy-bar pun! So, apologies for repetition, should it exist.

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Math, history, literature, names, politics, music, religion, science and technology all get punned. Submissions accepted plus Links. Salad Speak. Numerous puns based on food. Puns for the ESL/EFL Classroom.

For older Puns of the Day, see archive. *Except where indicated, all jokes on this site were written by The Gents.

October 24, 2010 • 8:00 am PDT. + comments.  Check out this slideshow of the some of the punnier (and phonnier) pho restaurant names from around North America.

I Can Has Cheezburger? FAIL Blog. Memebase. The Daily What.  Was its name Chips Ahoy!? Well, it doesn’t matter really. Just try and Hold Steady next time and you’ll probably come out okay.

11 Famous Food Mascots and Their Stories» Mochi Stateside» Palate-Pleasing Puns: 13 Clever Restaurant Names» Will Walmart's Move Toward Healthier Products Change Food in America?»

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What did the female mushroom say about the male mushroom? He's a real fun guy (fungi). The snack bar next door to an atom smasher was called "The Fission Chips." On April Fools Day, a mother put a firecracker under the pancakes.

Hollandaise sauce she called it... and doctor, I'm talkin' DELICIOUS! I've never tasted anything like it, and ever since then I've been putting it on everything ... meat, fish, toast, vegetables ... you name it!"

Spice I Am, Sydney's Multi-Award winning Thai Restaurant, possibly the best Thai food outside of Thailand. Thai travelers have told us you can not get as good, and...
Food with a pun in the name.

She gave examples of the word contortions used by many business owners intent on setting their enterprise apart from competitors. Collections of Puns in Restaurant Names. Ms. Westney has become a collector of clever puns used by business owners.

The Top 21 Thank you to our friends for dedicating many hours in helping us come up with possible blog names. food blog munch food glorious
pun names.

"There was a man who entered a pun contest. He sent in ten different puns, in the hope that at least one of the puns would win.  "When it pours, it reigns." (slogan of Michelin tires) "What food these morsels be!" (slogan of Heinz pickles, 1938)

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